Nelly N.

If you have any problems with wildlife this guy is who you call. We had a few woodchucks living on our property and they were making a mess, digging up our property, getting into areas we didn’t want them going, and worse of all leaving droppings everywhere. This was a major problem since our kids just started exploring and putting everything into their mouths. We had to do something, so we call Catskill a few hours later they showed up at the door totally professional unlike the other trapper I was dealing with that recently went out of business. They gave me a few options and gave us the best most cost effective option to dealing with our problem. The very next day we got four woodchucks and the next day four more and the next day two more, this was insane we had no idea there was that many out there. For the price it was well worth calling these guys they took care of everything, from trapping, to disposing, to filling in the holes I didn’t have to do a thing. Amazing service!!!!