We have a bird problem.

Starlings entering one of two attic spaces, getting trapped, and dying in there. Mark C. arrived with an assistant and inspected our entire house, all the attic spaces, vents, etc., any place birds or other animals could get in the house. He found the source of the attic problem and also identified a space in one of the soffits that birds were using to get in and nest. He installed a barrier in the soffit that will allow birds to get out, but not in. Will wait a few days until all birds are out, then put in a permanent barrier, plugging the gap. In the attic, he found the space they use to get in, will fix that immediately, because there are no birds there now. (Dead birds removed.) We highly recommend these folks. Professional, knowledgeable, reasonable price for the work. We have a big house, they were thorough. Also, down-to-earth, nice guy.