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for Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Ulster & Sullivan Counties

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    Wildlife Removal

    We use safe, humane and responsible methods to remove animals and pests from your property. Some of the most common unwanted visitors we encounter include bats, squirrels, raccoons, possum, foxes, skunks, snapping turtles, beavers, woodchucks, and more. We have experience working with homeowners, businesses and government agencies.

    Damage Repair

    After removing unwanted animals from your property, there may be property damage that’s left over. Some of the ways that critters can have a lasting impact is with chewed-up wires, torn insulation, rotten floorboards, vacant nests, droppings, and more. Part of our service is to remediate these legacies of infestation from your property.


    A penny of prevention is a pound of cure. We will also make recommendations and offer preventative services to help prevent future wildlife incursion. Some of the things we may do include sealing holes, entry points, securing loose siding, and inspecting crawl spaces and attics for vulnerabilities.

    About Us

    Catskill ADC is a premiere wildlife service company serving the Hudson Valley and Catskill Region. We have over 20 years of exemplary service to the community. We ensure the customer is knowledgeable as to the situation on their property, and know the plan as we go in and take care of the nuisance wildlife. We have experience with both home owners, and government agencies to humanely deal with wildlife.

    Our goal at Catskill Animal Damage Control is to provide professional, permanent wildlife solutions to homeowners and businesses in southeast New York. We use methods proven to be successful, while also being humane, lawful and environmentally friendly.


    Efficient and humane. it's fully evident that they love wildlife, they are very good at their job and they enjoy their work.

    Areas Served

    We are based in Ulster County near Kingston, NY, and serve the following area:

    Orange County

    Towns like Goshen, Middletown, Newburgh, Port Jervis

    Sullivan County

    Towns like Bethel, Monticello, Neversink, Wurtsboro

    Ulster County

    Towns like Ellenville, Esopus, Kingston, New Paltz, Stone Ridge